Alton's internship at Armatec Environmental Ltd allowed him to use his passion for contributing to Taranaki’s transition to a low carbon economy.

Catherine Taiapa, R&D Manager at Armatec Environmental Ltd, New Plymouth, found she was able to put to great use final year Massey University Bachelor of Agribusiness student Alton Gondipon’s passion for contributing to Taranaki’s transition to a low carbon economy, when she deployed him within a summer project involving anaerobic digestion technologies.

A former Francis Douglas Memorial College student, Alton had already completed internship work in dairy manufacturing, dairy microbiology, and adding value to waste streams and Catherine found his attitude and values aligned very well with those of Armatec.
Catherine noted that while hosting interns/students always increases the requirements on the Armatec team, in terms of onboarding, PPE supply, workplace mentoring, and technical mentoring, they value the dedicated resource an intern in a small team can be.  She says “hosting an intern helps prioritise resource and fast track timelines on internal projects that are not immediately client-facing”.
Alton says “my time at Armatec taught me to be resilient and to never be afraid of taking risks. In a changing global economy, the ability to take risks to adapt to change is critical more than ever in order to achieve our region's 2050 vision”.
Photo: Catherine Taiapa, Armatec Environmental Ltd