A small business with great products but a not so great location wanted some new ideas to help them raise their profile, and found them with a business mentor.

Diane Costello and her husband own and run Woolshed Plus, a producer specializing in high quality New Zealand merino and possum clothing, a wide range of sheepskin products, and an imported brand of waterproof footwear.
“Natural wools offer so many good properties, and we want to provide products that will last. A big driver for our business is giving people really high quality yet affordable products,” Diane says.
But the biggest challenges facing the business were its position and profile, with the shop located outside New Plymouth’s central shopping area, and few locals knowing it was there making it difficult to grow. 
An online search led them to Venture Taranaki’s website, and to stories of other local businesses who had found more success with the help of a business mentor.
“We thought it would be a good idea to get in touch to help get support from a mentor to reach our goals of selling more online and engaging with more local customers,” says Diane.
Having a business mentor has given Woolshed Plus a resource to help them come up with new ideas and figure out how to turn them into action.
“Being in business on your own means that sometimes you can get stuck. It’s great to have someone with experience that can suggest ideas or help you move towards your future business goals,”
“Since we were matched with our mentor, we’ve developed a social media presence which is getting our products out there to more people, and we’re making far better use of our website, to the point we're moving to a purely digital business model.”
“I would highly recommend that any business looks at getting a business mentor, but don’t wait until you or your business gets stuck!”